Explore Asia this September at Midori Clark Hotel and Casino

Don’t miss the Asia’s gastronomic voyage this September as Midori Clark Hotel and Casino’s main dining outlet – Toscana Dining features the Explore Asia at the Weekend Buffet.

The themed buffet will feature the epicurean prides all over Asia, starting it from the flavorful staples of China, go with the spicy edgy foods of Thailand, vast with the savory curries of India, try the most coveted dishes of Malaysia and Indonesia, fill your tummies with the “K food” of the Korean cuisine, experience a variety of Japanese delights or even go local with the Filipino dishes.

Each palate is set to be satisfied as Explore Asia buffet will feature more than 50 of Asian cookery. In addition, the Asia’s food crawl will also provide a level up experience of dining as it showcases a roving wagon, whether you like a noodle, try grill or satay.
Each cart provides the jaunt of the different street foods of Asia. Highlighting the crawl are the local foods such as Chicken Satay, Pad Thai and Laksa to name a…

It’s all about K-Food at Toscana Dining’s Weekend Buffet this August

Letter “K”, standing for Korea, grasps a special impact in the world. The Korean nation is the home of a cultural “K-Wave” that has given us K-Pop, K-hip hop, K-drama, and K-fashion. Nonetheless, the trend set to have the biggest and longest-lasting influence, at least in this part of the world, is K-food.
This August, indulge in a variety of Korean foods as Midori Clark Hotel and Casino’sToscana Dining features Korean Buffet along with international dishes every Weekends.

The Korean Buffet will highlight the combination of light, healthy ingredients, some addictive spice and a mix-and-match, shared-plate philosophy, Korean foods for modern dining trends.
Buffet will feature a variety of Korean main course, paired with original side dishes and soup. Being known for the Korean Barbecue or Samgyeopsal, buffet will also highlight “8 kinds of meat” Samgyeopsal Station giving each a flavorful twist which will leave a satisfying palate.
Variety of Samgyeopsal Meats

Authentic Korean Side Dishes


Dim Sum All You Can like a Pro at Toscana Dining

Defined as a small, soft, chewy and a dish that makes our mouths water for Chinese cuisine. Dim Sum taking to mind into stacks of steaming bamboo baskets, sauces and the finest of what Cantonese culinary has to offer.
It can be a meat-seafood combination packed into a rubbery dumpling, wonton wrapper or a soup involved which makes it even better. 
This August, whether it's the lunch and dinner nibbles kicking in or you just think it’s time for your Dim Sum fix in, Toscana Dining offers a Dim Sum All You Can every weekdays! 

To get the most for your money and satisfy your cravings, here are some tips and reminders:
Choose your favorite Dim Sum

Arriving at the lavish dining venue, you’ll be given a list of the Dim Sum selections. Choices are categorized from Dim Sum, Dumplings, Soup and Dessert. Each Dim Sum is authentic, locally and meticulously prepared by the Midori Chefs having special ingredients.

Midori Clark Hotel and Casino's chef's strongly recommend these three dumplings…

Midori Clark Hotel Features All American Buffet this July at Toscana Dining

Whether you are longing for the best hamburger, pork ribs or even the confectionery version of an American pie, Midori Clark Hotel and Casino is set to satisfy your U.S. cravings with the All American Buffet at Toscana Dining for the weekends of July.

American food are best known for the stuff that's described by words suited to greasy, crushing industrial output, massive and sugary. These foods are surely loved maybe not all but most of the nations around the globe.

Toscana Dining adorn with American stuff
Slathered or smoked – Midori Clark Hotel and Casino’s All American Buffet will highlight a Roasted Turkey,US Angus Beef and Prime Roast Beef. Three iconic American foods that even need more napkins for greasy feels. United States being home-grown of the Rib 'Cue Capital – All American Buffet will also feature a meaty and tender Baby Back Ribs.

After reading about every U.S.'s iconic dishes featured at Toscana Dining, you'll want to take a road trip based solely on desse…

Midori Clark doubles the fun for back-to-school students thru Balik Eskwela Program

Better than late than never – even a month after the class resumes, Midori Clark Hotel and Casino along with the BBI Foundation and Sky Call recently held a gift-giving project thru the Balik Eskwela Program last July 1, 2018.

Students from Monicayo Elementary school together with the BBI Foundation, Midori Clark Hotel and Sky Call poses for a photo op
Thru the program, about 500 students from Monicayo and Haduan Elementary School receive a backpack with a complete set of school supplies. Aside from the school stuff, Sky Call – a subsidiary of Midori Clark Hotel and Casino donated an amount of P350,000 to Monicayo Elementary School.

Joining the distribution is the President of BBI Foundation, Dr. Irineo Alvaro Jr., Chief Consultant of the Philippine Business Group, Mr. Edgar Lim, Midori Clark Hotel’s Public Affairs Director, Mr. Teddy Koh and representative of Sky Call Mr. Anelle Diaz.
Mr. Maylon Manaloto, school principal of Monicayo Elementary School disclosed that the amount will be us…